I was initially skeptical that the subtle Bowen movements Lisa was performing on me would make any difference to the pain that I was experiencing in my back; especially after years of physical therapy, pain medication and chiropractics. I was thrilled that within days, I was noticing the pain wasn’t as intense, and within weeks, it was nearly gone.



As a painter, I suffer from repetitive motion injuries in my elbows and shoulders. There are times that the pain gets so bad that it hurts to touch those areas. After several treatments with Lisa, the pain began subsiding. I’ve been very pleased with the results of Bowen and recommend it to my friends and family.



I’m a lifelong, competitive athlete—swimming, cycling, running—which means I’ve had my share of injuries and chronic conditions. Most recently, and for several months following an intense, open water swim experience in the Pacific, I’d suffered from a pain in my left ribs and low back. It felt like someone had clamped jumper cables there. It made it impossible to sit comfortably for more than a few minutes at a time, lie on my left side in bed, or do any swimming or strenuous cycling at all. A friend, who knew I’d exhausted all my typical treatment options—chiropractic, deep tissue massage therapy, yoga—recommended Bowen. I did it to please him. I didn’t think such an unorthodox and gentle treatment modality would work. How could it? I became even more incredulous after my first visit: a single, gentle strummed touch on a muscle, and then a two minute wait as that muscle sends a signal to the brain, asking, almost like a train conductor, to be lifted from the wrong tracks and back onto the right one? I don’t know what to tell you. After only two sessions—two weeks apart—the pain in my ribs was gone. After three sessions, a long-time tightness in my glutes, too, was almost totally dissipated. And the best part? I’ve fallen in love with the time between the “touches” or “moves.” It’s like being in a sacred hall after someone has chimed a bell. I sit there in that space feeling the vibration of the movement in my body. And I find it as relaxing as a traditional spa massage.



I’ve been going to Lisa for Bowen therapy for my shoulder, neck, back and knee pain. I found that after 3 treatments my shoulders were feeling a lot better. I’ve been struggling with shoulder and neck pain for about 6 years after a car accident. I’ve done chiropractic treatments and physical therapy treatments but it only works for a short time. The Bowen therapy has helped my neck with the tightness and rotation problems I have been having. Lisa also did Bowen therapy on my knees and I can honestly say my knees have stopped hurting. Bowen is a self healing technique that lets your body heal itself. I’d like to say thank you to Lisa for helping me relieve my aches and pains. I would recommend Bowen therapy to anyone that is suffering from chronic pain.



I’ve tried chiropractic for years to relieve back and shoulder pain with mixed results.  I was surprised how gentle and relaxing the sessions were,  and more importantly how effective.  After just a couple of sessions I felt profound relief.   The session is so relaxing and Lisa’s set up in her house is so nice and inviting I really look forward to my next appointment.

– Daniel


When I first started getting Bowen, I didn’t feel any difference.  But after my 2nd visit, I could feel things getting fixed in my body!  I had constant neck tension and pain and I needed chiropractic adjustments bimonthly just to feel okay.  My lower back hurt all of the time, it was low grade, but constant.  And I was unable to lay on my sides for shoulder joint pain.  After several Bowen sessions, my neck is 100%, my low back is fine and I can sleep on my side again.  I recommend Bowen to all of my friends and many have found relief after one or two sessions!



I have always been interested in alternative, preventative, health measures. And with Lisa Teets and Bowen, I have found one that really works.

Having had just three treatments over the course of a year, I wasn’t sure that I should even write this, but the effect of the alignment of muscle and bone and spirit needs to be dispersed to the masses, especially those who are high-level athletes, those suffering from physical ailments, and those who just want to remain healthy for the later years.

This last time, the third, I really felt an immediate change in my body, my mind was clearer, and my energy spiked immediately. The first two times Lisa worked on me, I did feel something, a change–days later, for instance, a meniscus problem I had been having went away and has not returned. I chalked it up to coincidence. This last time, though, Lisa had no clue what was ailing me. She performed a set of Thoracic Movements on me, which took just a few minutes and then she left me with the quiet of the room. Six minutes later, when I got up, I felt spectacular, was ready for my day of teaching high school students. My chest has been opened twice, once for open heart and another for the transplant in 2006. I was feeling all sorts of stuff over the last 7 years, but some of it has dissipated with the small number of treatments I have had. I plan to continue to harness Bowen, and Lisa’s capable hands and mind.

I am a proponent of chiropractic care and oppose medicines where I can. Unfortunately, as a heart transplant recipient, I have to take a host of medicines to suppress the immune system. The damage that they do to bone, ligament, and joint is tremendous. Bowen helps not only with the physical side effects of the medicines, as well as the surgery, but also with the psychological and emotional balance needed to be wholly healthy.





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