What To Expect

Bowenwork can be done directly on skin or through light clothing if you prefer (please do not wear jeans or thick sweaters).  You can expect to be on the table approximately 45 minutes, either on your stomach or your back for the majority of the procedures.  Seated Bowenwork is also possible for those who are too uncomfortable in a lying position.  You will always be covered with a sheet/light blanket and every effort will be made to ensure your comfort as relaxation is an essential part of the body’s healing process.


The Practitioner uses his/her fingers & thumbs to make gentle rolling moves over soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, fascia).  There are absolutely no harsh manipulation/adjustment moves; in fact, people are usually amazed at how something so gentle can be so powerful.  It is also not uncommon for the Practitioner to not even physically touch the “problem area” – often we find that the so called problem area has actually been a casualty of another “problem” entirely.  Hence, we address the body as a whole, respecting the fact that the body knows how to heal itself given the right cues.

A unique aspect of Bowenwork is the frequent pauses where the Practitioner will leave the room allowing the body & brain to integrate, process & respond to the information it just received.  This differs greatly from therapies such as massage where there is a constant stimuli, sometimes too much for the brain to truly process in an effective manner.

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