I was initially skeptical that the subtle Bowen movements Lisa was performing on me would make any difference to the pain that I was experiencing in my back; especially after years of physical therapy, pain medication and chiropractics.  I was thrilled that within days, I was noticing the pain wasn’t as intense, and within weeks, it was nearly gone.  Emily


As a painter, I suffer from repetitive motion injuries in my elbows and shoulders.  There are times that the pain gets so bad that it hurts to touch those areas.  After several treatments with Lisa, the pain began subsiding.  I’ve been very pleased with the results of Bowen and recommend it to my friends and family.  Tony


I’ve had only 2 Bowen sessions but already a tightness, an adhesion that felt like a vice clamp on my left ribs is gone.  I don’t get how such a quiet touch can do that!   Jenny


I’ve been going to Lisa for Bowen therapy for my shoulder, neck,  back and knee pain.  I found that after 3 treatments my shoulders were feeling a lot better.  I’ve been struggling with shoulder and neck pain for about 6 years after a car accident.  I’ve done chiropractic treatments and  physical therapy treatments but it only works for a short time.  The  Bowen therapy has helped my neck with the tightness and rotation problems I have been having.  Lisa also did Bowen therapy on my knees and I can honestly say my knees have stopped hurting.  Bowen is a self healing technique that lets your body heal itself.  I’d like to say thank you to Lisa for helping me relieve my aches and pains.  I would recommend Bowen therapy to anyone that is suffering from chronic pain.  D.


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